Gustav Dahl @ Vallekilde Game Academy 2011

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PR og pressemeddelelser

I dag havde vi om marketing omkring videospil. Vi fik opgaven at skrive en pressemeddelelse om vores Suction Co-Op.

Gak Amok Games announces the most sucky game ever

The highly-praised team behind titles such as Liar’s Dice, Color Wars, Wezzer Wizzer and Storyteller presents their whole new game concept: Suction Co-Op. It’s a multiplatform game that raises the bar of quality within the genre of sucky platformers.

In Suction Co-Op you work cooperatively with your partner in the quest for success. Using cutting-edge technology with high-end graphics and sophisticated surround sound, the game will suck you into its immersive and realistic environments. Suction Co-Op is the first next-gen title to implement the highly anticipated suck-and-swing™ gameplay dynamics, that has been the center of attention within the games industry for years.

“Its innovative and fast-paced gameplay sucks you into the world of suction cups,” says Thomas Vigild, headmaster of Vallekilde Game Academy. “Suction Co-Op is without a doubt my game-of-the-year so far. This game truly sucks!”

Suction Co-Op purposely trains your cognitive and fine motor skills. It provokes social activity and forces the players to communicate, strengthening the social bonds between individuals. This is achieved via a system that has evolved through thousands of years: the human voice system. It doesn’t even require batteries nor microphones.

Suction Co-Op will be out on November 11, 2011. It will be released on several platforms including PC, Mac and web. A featured demo will be published in early October.

Suction Co-Op: the only game where everybody sucks!

About Gak Amok Games
Gak Amok Games (GAG) consists of three Danish students (Gustav Dahl, Jakob Kjær-Galle, Michael Skjaldgaard) from the recognized Vallekilde Game Academy. They operate by the design principle “No bullshit!” which results in very honest and authentic game experiences.


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